Flowers Inside Vase

flowers inside vase

flowers inside vase - 10 Light

10 Light Ups Battery~WHITE~Eiffel Tower Vase~Small Mini Wedding Lights

10 Light Ups Battery~WHITE~Eiffel Tower Vase~Small Mini Wedding Lights

This is for the all new wireless wedding lights in WHITE with a PULL TAB on-off switch. Sold in Pack of 10 in this sale. Completely disposable, self-powered-battery included, waterproof miniature lighting units-1 1/2" long and 3/4"wide 3/8" thick. The lights can be turned off and on and when used each light gives hours of illumination and can be submerged in water! Once submerged though the lights will have to be fully dry to turn off as water does connect the power to stay on till dry. The batteries are not replaceable. The LightUps are a revolutionary product that brings a new dimension to floral and event design. Cost effective and easy to use, the The Lightups are a disposable, miniature, self powered, lighting unit that will illuminate any flower arrangements in a variety of ways. The Light Ups will fit in the tops of most Eiffel tower vases to illuminate them-just point down-this is how we mostly sell them for. They will inside all of our Tower Vases we sell. Light Ups can be used for practically any design element including costumes, masks, place settings, art lighting, interior design and accent lighting to name a few. They make great party favours as well. These are battery supplied and not returnable please read return policy.

80% (15)

Vase of Flowers Cake Tutorial

Vase of Flowers Cake Tutorial

Stage 1 – Colour fondant to tone in with the roses or flowers and roll out four equal panels – mine were 10cm x 20cm. Also create a black square of fondant – 10cm x 10cm. Leave these to dry for at least 24 hours.
Stage 2 – Bake a 3-4 cm deep slab of cake.....I used a lined roasting tin.
Stage 3 – Carefully measure out four sections of cake – 10cm x 10cm - layer them with buttercream or chosen filling.
Stage 4 – Once all layers stacked buttercream the top and sides. Then place the black fondant square on the top.
Stage 5 – Piece together the sides of the vase.....I used various kitchen items to hold them in place during construction......Using boiled water or sugar glue – brush the joins to fix together.
Stage 6 – Once all sides supported find a jamjar or something similar and insert flower oasis inside – check for size.
Stage 7 – Place your flowers in the jar – arrange
Stage 8 – put jamjar in vase and then lower in flowers – only put together at the last minute as the jamjar is heavy......other options are dried flowers or sugar flowers.

Vase setup shot

Vase setup shot

An arrangement of flowers from the garden, with a branch of fennel found in the road.

Messing around with the dining-room table 'studio' and the new Skyports. A cool feature is to assign the receivers to different groups.

This means by setting each flash to a different group I can just fire one, or all by flipping the switch on the transmitter to see the combined effect.
This is the setup for the Vase pictures. Shoebox softbox on left, A2 black card gobo to cut down spill on background, 2 sheets of A1 grey card as the background, polystyrene reflector on left. On the lightstands is the snooted backround flash pointing away, and the gridded kicker light pointing towards the subject. All triggered using Skyports.

flowers inside vase

flowers inside vase

Hanging Flowers Colored Glass Vase #2 Clear -1/pc ~ Colored Glass Bottle ~ Floral Vase ~ Colored Vase ~ Bud Vase ~ Wall Vase ~ Garden Vase

These jeweled - tone colored glass flower vases are a sparkling addition to a home or garden decor. The small decorative hanging colored glass vases are perfect to decorate the patio, add some fresh flowers to them to top off the festive summer nights, use as garden vases. They look great inside the home, add fresh or artificial flowers, scented oils with reeds or incense sticks. The unique design also makes an attractive window ornament. Place on a sunny windowsill or hang as wall vase. Pretty and practical perfect gift for the indoor plant enthusiast vase can be used to root cuttings or as a mini plant starter vase.

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